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Wenzhou Golden Eagle pump valve exhibition, storage and information monopoly

Release Time:2019-11-05    Source:CHUXIN flange    Browse:778

On October 25-27, 2019, the third Wenzhou Golden Eagle pump valve exhibition opened in Yongjia Oubei, the "hometown of pump valves in China"!

This pump and valve exhibition is a professional event of production and manufacturing equipment related to valves, pumps, fluids and valve accessories. It has a great influence in the industry, has a high scale and strong professionalism, and has become one of the important events in the industry.

The exhibition area of Chuxin flange is 36 square meters, which is the largest exhibition area and the most high-end design booth. In the three-day exhibition period, Chuxin flange received hundreds of domestic and foreign customers and merchants. Every day in front of the exhibition stand, there are many people.

Among the products on display this time, one of the neck butt welding flange (DN300 pn420) is the product with large caliber and the highest pressure in hg20592 standard. This product is particularly eye-catching in the exhibition, surrounded by numerous people, making visitors stop to take photos one after another.