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Storage flange -- products moving towards the field of low temperature deep treatment

Release Time:2019-11-12    Source:CHUXIN flange    Browse:712

With the opening of the low temperature tank cover, two wn200 600rj flanges are slowly lifted out in the liquid nitrogen at - 196 ℃. The rapid gasification of liquid nitrogen at room temperature leads to the temperature reduction, freezing and solidification on the workpiece, crystal clear. The hardness is 182, and the cryogenic treatment is successful. According to Xia Gong, cryogenic treatment is to use liquid nitrogen-196 ℃ as the cooling medium to continue the cooling process of quenched metal materials, so that the residual austenite existing after conventional heat treatment can be further transformed, so as to improve the performance of metal materials. After cryogenic treatment, the hardness, strength, wear resistance, toughness and dimensional stability of metal materials can be significantly improved, and the service life of workpieces can be doubled.

Through this test, the company has made a new breakthrough in the application of product materials and process control, making the company's product quality and performance to a higher level!