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Keeping A Stable Development Path Building A Century Enterprise

In order to create high-precision, good quality products.
Chu Xin purchased a number of large-scale high-precision CNC processing equipment.
The positioning accuracy of the worktable is 0.01mm in the whole stroke, with automatic processing and full numerical control processing,
Thus, the processing accuracy of the product is guaranteed, and the high quality of the product is guaranteed.

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Products Series

The company is committed to becoming the leader of flange manufacturing industry  
Develop high quality and high-end flange forging products

The company undertakes all kinds of materials and sizes of "high difficulty, high precision" flange, pipe fittings and forgings, spare large quantities of finished
products and rough stock, enjoys a reputation in the same industry, and is favored by customers.

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Qualification Honor

The storage letter attaches great importance to the safety of operation.
To ensure this,
We have carefully tested the products and production process and re certified them regularly.

Following strict standards and selecting high-quality materials are the consensus of the company's growth and development.
All products of the company strictly follow the production standards of ISO, GB, Nb, JB, Hg, AISI, ASTM, JIS and BS, so as to effectively guarantee the quality of products.
It is the company's unswerving value pursuit to produce more abundant products, meet customers' needs and forge more refined and superior brands.

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