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Congratulations on the official launch of the company's new website

Release Time:2019-09-28    Source:CHUXIN flange    Browse:790

The new version of Chuxin flange website was officially launched. The domain name of the website is www.cncxfl.com. There are 6 first-class columns and 11 second-class columns, including "enterprise profile, development process, product system, quality assurance, news information and corporate culture construction".

Enterprise website is an important platform to display enterprise brand image. Chu Xin flange website enhances the sense of belonging and pride of Chu Xin people internally, shows Chu Xin's comprehensive strength in scientific research and production externally, and creates a good corporate image.

The website has made bold breakthroughs and attempts in column setting, visual effect and use function, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. In terms of column setting, closely combined with the development pace of DSF, comprehensively and objectively show the company's 25 years of development process and brilliant achievements, focusing on the company's development strategy, professional pattern and product structure, and releasing a strong signal of market-oriented and innovative development.

2. In terms of visual effect, in accordance with the company's corporate culture construction requirements, the web page adopts standard colors, new logos and other elements, with simple and generous technological innovation as the main color, and clean and eye-catching white, blue and red as auxiliary colors, so that the image and text performance is more vivid and intuitive. At the same time, the structural framework and text typesetting are repeated to create interface friends for visitors. Good, smooth reading experience.

3. In terms of use function, fully consider the diversity of browsing terminal, user convenience and other needs. On the basis of supporting PC terminal, add the click browsing function supporting mobile terminal. Visitors can browse with the help of normal landing page of mobile terminal such as mobile phone and IPD.

4. On the home page design, select the company's representative products, testing capabilities, honorary qualifications, and photos of scientific research team to jointly interpret the brand concept of "creating flange boutique to build a monument of storage and credit", highlight the rigor of flange manufacturers under harsh working conditions, and build each product meticulously with the persistence and integrity of storage and credit, so as to provide customers with high-quality products and satisfactory services.

In the preparation of website construction, it has been participated and supported by technical personnel of relevant departments, and has been concerned and concerned by the majority of employees. The image and text materials used in the website are all from the company's site, taken from the company's interior, carefully listening to the modification suggestions of each department, conducting content review for many times, continuously improving the website structure, and ensuring the accuracy, reliability, security and confidentiality of information.

It is the result of the joint efforts of Chu Xin people to build a new website of Chu Xin flange. I hope you will continue to pay attention to the new website and actively support the construction and development of the website.