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2015 outdoor leisure activities for flange employees

Release Time:2019-09-28    Source:CHUXIN flange    Browse:749

On May 23, all the employees of CCR were dressed in bright clothes and smiling face, welcoming the 2015 CCR employees' outdoor leisure activities. The first stop is Yongjia Academy. We have visited the seven fold waterfall, one line sky, sea lion moon exploration and other landscapes. At noon, we moved to a farmyard in baizhangpu to have a meal. It's the most simple delicacy in the mountains to taste farmhouse wild vegetables and green delicacies! In the afternoon, we walked straight into the mountain path, climbed the steep stone ladder with cat waist, and climbed the top of the mountain bravely. After that, chairman Zhang Jichu launched a tug of war competition with us. After several rounds of intense competition, workshop 20 won the championship.

This activity let us get out of the intense work of steel splashing and lathe roaring, and enjoy the beauty and joy brought by nature. It not only enriches everyone's cultural life, but also shows the spiritual outlook of the people who store the letter! We have opened our eyes, filled our mouths, released our shackles, and made ourselves comfortable. We can't live up to our expectations and put on our work clothes. In order to store and work harder, we will work hard to create and share the blessings of storing and trusting!